Pudding Hill offers several Three and Five Day Programs for children ages 3.9-6 years and Two Day Programs for children ages 2.9-4 years. All of our classes are small in size (8-10 children per class) and are staffed by dedicated and experienced educators.

Three and Five Day Program Classes

Readiness or 4-year-old program

The 4-year-old classes are for children who will turn 4 prior to August 31st. These classes offer developmentally appropriate activities leading to readiness for kindergarten and build on the children’s positive sense of self and social competency.

Pre K or 5-year-old program

This class is for children who will turn five prior to December and may be eligible for kindergarten but will benefit from the gift of another year of a small classroom to continue refinement of the children’s developing readiness skills.

Preschool or 3.9-year-old program

The 3.9 classes are for children who are three years and nine months prior to September 1st and are ready to engage in a three-hour program three days a week.  This program offers older three year olds more opportunities to engage in social interactions and developmentally appropriate activities.

Lunch bunch

Lunch bunch is an extended day program which runs for two hours 12:00-2:00 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Children bring a lunch and enjoy some extra fun at school. To be eligible children must be enrolled in a three day program and attend class on Lunch Bunch days.

Two Day Program Classes

Preschool 3-year-old program

This two-day class is for children who will turn three prior to August 31st of the school year. The class offers developmentally appropriate activities and pre-skills, fosters the development of a strong sense of self, and nurtures social competency in young learners.

New Program: Pre-readiness 2.9 Class

The 2.9 Class is for children who are two years and nine months old as of September 1st of the school year. This class provides children their first learning experience away from Mom and Dad. The children engage in self initiated play in a small peer group with a teacher/facilitator who fosters self-help, self-regulation, and social interaction skills.